Headed West – Again – Day 14

17 Sep

There is a long-term mammoth dig site in Hot Springs, South Dakota. The dig, in a sinkhole that trapped unwary mammoths, mostly Columbian, but also a few woolies, continues, though the site is now enclosed. It is a tourist spot as well. Lee and I took the tour. Many of the bone are still where they were found. The tour guide said that most were young males who had left the matriarchal herd. They should have listened to Mama and stayed away from the sinkhole!IMG_1537

Headless mammoth skeleton, Murray Antoinette.

Headless mammoth skeleton, Murray Antoinette.

From Hot Springs we made our way to Lusk, Wyoming where they have the usual small-town museum stuff but also one of the original stage coaches that made the run between Cheyenne and Deadwood. It impressed me. They also had a dress worn by a madam from Lusk’s wilder past. There is also a plaster cast of a Tyrannosaurus Rex – dinosars are big around here. There is a memorial to another madam about 10 miles out into the wilds that surround Lusk. Surprisingly, we did not go to see it. IMG_1575IMG_1573IMG_1578
Finally, we reached Cheyenne. We took in Buryville, the art environment of Mel Gould, a self-taught engineer who retired to tinkering around and building mobile sculptures. Neat stuff. We gave up a climb to the top of Mt. Everest to stop by the folk art.SONY DSCSONY DSCIMG_1604
We also went by the giant teapot, the downtown Depot Park and the State Capitol.SONY DSCIMG_1635IMG_1625IMG_1617IMG_1639 Denver tomorrow.
Here are today’s birds to identify. We took the first photo on the Capitol grounds. The second photo is from an Estes Park, Colorado parking lot that may be underwater today. They may be the same bird.SONY DSCSONY DSC


2 Responses to “Headed West – Again – Day 14”

  1. Laurie September 25, 2013 at 9:34 am #

    Hope your trip is still going well — we’ve been out of town camping, so I haven’t kept up –our best guess for the latest bird is a house sparrow (?) — Mark agrees they may both be the same bird — what is Ranger Jastram’s guess?

  2. Laurie September 27, 2013 at 10:55 am #

    Missing the updates — hope all is well! When do you head back to Calhoun? Or are you already back?

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