Headed West – Again – Day 12

15 Sep

The hotel where we are staying is hosting the Yoga Therapy Summit. I thought I might go down and show them a thing or two, but I left my yoga pants in Calhoun.
On this trip we drove Trail Ridge Road in the Rockies and the Beartooth Scenic Highway in Montana. Today we drove the Needles Highway and the Iron Mountain Road in Custer State Park, South Dakota. These roads differ from the other two because they are not so high and they are much narrower. The roads in Custer are as impressive in their own way as Trail Ridge or Beartooth. These roads run through an area near Mt. Rushmore that is filled with rock cliffs and spires.IMG_1354SONY DSC
The roads have one-way tunnels through rock, and pigtail bridges, on which you drive over the road and back ounder it like the famous Loop-Over on the Tennessee side of Newfound Gap Road in the Smokies.SONY DSCIMG_1388
The tunnels on the east side of the Park were engineered to give views of Mt. Rushmore.IMG_1379
We also made it to Mt. Rushmore today – photos to spare. We met Nick Clifford, who worked on the carving of the four Presidents. Mr. Clifford worked on the project in 1938, eight years before I was born.SONY DSCSONY DSC
Here’s a small mammal to identify. I ought to say that you must identify to genus and species. Somebody forgot to tell this crew that they were not to beg for food.SONY DSC
Leaving Mt. Rushmore, you go through Keystone, South Dakota, a little town that answers the question, “Where in Hell did they get that?’ Rednecks don’t live only in Pigeon Forge.SONY DSCSONY DSC


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