Headed West – Again – Day 11

14 Sep

On our way to Devils Tower, we stopped in Gillette, Wyoming just long enough to see their Rockpile Museum – you can see why it’s called that- and a Rock, Paper, Scissors sculpture. At 10 AM on a Saturday, the Museum parking lot was full. There seemed to be a Senior Citizens’ gathering- we would have fit right in.IMG_1219IMG_1214
If you need a photo of Devils Tower, I’ve got extras, from all angles. We walked around this large rock today, taking pictures at every opportunity. It’s hard to know what to say about this amazing place. It makes Stone Mountain look like the 98 lb. weakling.SONY DSCIMG_1252IMG_1255
We thought we heard sandhill cranes this morning, but all we found were geese. We did see another small mammal. This one should be easy.SONY DSC
On our way to Deadwood, we drove through Sundance, Wyoming. The town has a claim to fame. According to locals, Harry Longbaugh spent some time in the local jail. There he picked up his nickname, the Sundance Kid. A statue outside the local museum provides photo ops. There were also a couple of interesting businesses in town.IMG_1257SONY DSCSONY DSCIMG_1259
After Sundance, Deadwood was a bit of a letdown. The HBO show, Deadwood, is one of my all time favorites. I would give you my favorite quote from the show, but, as you may or may not know, the show was so filled with, uh, colorful language, that no quote from the show is suitable for the refined sensibilities of my readers. The actual town is something of a disappointment. Deadwood has burned five times since the 1870’s, so little of the original is left. Wild Bill Hickock’s and Calamity Jane’s graves in Mt. Moriah Cemetery are still here, if you are willing to walk uphill to see them. IMG_1289

Bill's grave

Bill’s grave

Jane's grave

Jane’s grave

View of Deadwood from the cemetery

View of Deadwood from the cemetery

If you want to see a bad re-enactment of Wild Bill’s murder in a building at the wrong address, or if you want a seemingly unlimited number of casinos, Deadwood is for you. Otherwise it is interesting to see the gulch and remember the TV show, but the town does not deserve much time.


2 Responses to “Headed West – Again – Day 11”

  1. Craig September 15, 2013 at 5:03 pm #

    Were there aliens hiding in that cloud over Devils Tower in the first picture?? Looks like you were having an interesting conversation with Sundance. I had a long talk with some bushes in my back yard the other day before I cut them down. Most of what I said is unfit to print as well.

  2. Laurie September 15, 2013 at 6:12 pm #

    Prairie dog — there’s a big colony of them near Devil’s Tower — hope your trip is still going well!

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