Headed West – Again – Day 7

10 Sep

The Grand Tetons are — well– grand. Fairly young, as mountains go, they are only 10-15 million years old. Eons ago, glaciers wore through them leaving sharp, angular cuts and gaps. SONY DSCSONY DSC
These glaciers also pushed the valley on the eastern side down, forming glacial lakes and the long depression called Jackson Hole.SONY DSC
Today we drove from Jackson, at the southern end of the Tetons, to Gardiner at the northern end of Yellowstone. We will be here in Yellowstone for three more days.
This paragraph is for Nick Sainato. We had our one chance to see Old Faithful today. We could either see the geyser or hurry to Montana to see the art work of Elmer “Bottle-Cap” Lufton. “Bottle-cap” was worth ten Old Faithfuls. He paints highly emotional portraits on bottle caps. Here’s a picture of the one we bought. This portrait is of Bottle-Cap’s father, Eldon “The Bottle” Lufton. Tragically, Eldon drank himself to death on Thunderbird Plum Wine. He always broke the bottles after going on a toot, but his son saved the caps. Note the power of Elmer’s brush strokes and how he has used vertical rather than horizontal lines. We can’t afford to stay in motels for the rest of this trip, but this painting was worth the inconvenience.SONY DSC
If you are not Nick Sainato, read here. We timed our arrival at Old Faithful almost perfectly. We parked about ten minutes before the geyser’s next scheduled geyse. After parking in a huge parking lot, we headed in what we thought was the general direction of the geyser. Then we saw hundreds of people as Old Faithful began to tune up. “Bottle-Cap” Lufton could not compare.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC
Yellowstone has much that was unexpected. We drove through the geyser/thermal pool areas today, but there was also much mountain scenery.SONY DSCSONY DSC
For a bit we drove along the Gibbon River. We stopped at Gibbon Falls. A Ranger told us that both the river and the falls were named for the shy North American apes that have lived for centuries along the river. As luck would have it a group of the creatures were gathered at the base of the falls, but they had hidden behind the rocks before we could get a picture.SONY DSCSONY DSCIMG_0856
Tomorrow we are going to Mammoth Hot Springs, where the last known wooly mammoths bathe in the thermal waters.
Here are pictures of some of the wildlife we saw in Jackson Hole, and Ranger Jastram’s bird-of-the-day. We also spotted a familiar t-shirt at Old Faithful.



Trout in a stream

Trout in a stream



Vogel State Park

Vogel State Park


2 Responses to “Headed West – Again – Day 7”

  1. Craig September 11, 2013 at 11:07 pm #

    Looks like you are having a great time. I’ve enjoyed the blog. Nothing much exciting going on here. I might go to Philadelhia, MS for a train thing — woohooo!!

    I hope you got enough of those bottle caps to give one to every family member for Christmas. I would be speechless if I got one, in fact I may never speak to you again if I got one.

    • boblinn September 12, 2013 at 2:52 am #

      Be very careful opening your Christmas gift! You would not like some of the roads we’ve been on and some of he overlooks into a 1500 foot deep canyon. I don’t go too close o the edge!

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