Headed West – Again – Day 3

6 Sep

We ate lunch today at over 11,000 feet. Just down the road was a traffic light.IMG_0443IMG_0431
At over 12,000 feet we came across a group of bighorn sheep, If you think a bear in the Smokies makes people crazy, you should check out bighorn sheep in the Rockies. Truly, a Ranger ran at some people waving his arms and blowing a whistle. The sheep were quite alarmed; the people not so much.SONY DSC
These mountains are big and rocky. IMG_0463 (2) Long’s Peak, the highest in the Park, is over 14,000 feet. It shows up around every bend. SONY DSC

Rain in the distance

Rain in the distance

The trees give up between 10,000 and 11,000 feet,I’ve always associated the tundra with Russia, but Colorado has tundra also.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC
Besides the bighorn sheep, we saw elk,
Lee has a nice trophy!

Lee has a nice trophy!

chipmunks,SONY DSC a raven, a magpie and another bird that I won’t name. I will post a picture–just to see just how good Ranger Jastram is.SONY DSC
Tomorrow we head for Wyoming. We’ll be in the Grand Tetons Sunday.
The end(s) for today.


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