Headed West Day 2

3 Jun

Today we discovered that Lewis and Clark did not rough it as much as Kathy and Janice have indicated. According to the ubiquitous Lewis and Clark Trail signs, they traveled long distances on I-70. Who knew?
Driving through Kansas City was a breeze. I guess driving in Atlanta makes most other cities seem easy. We had planned to eat lunch at the Bates City BBQ near Kansas City, but it was closed on Monday. We ate at Biemer’s in Lawrence, even though they didn’t know how to spell Beamer. Good barbeque, though the restaurant was a bit lacking in ambiance.
We also tried to follow a written guide to Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence. SONY DSC Saw a few buildings, saw a lot of places where buildings were when Quantrill dropped by, learned that Quantrill was not the nicest person back in the day. We also missed seeing Comanche, the US Cavalry horse that survived the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Unfortunately, the Lawrence Museum was closed on Monday. As Alex Trebeck would say, “Say lah vee.” However, the folks at the Visitors Center were very helpful and very nice.
On down I-70 we Came to Topeka, capital of Kansas, though a fairly small place. The capitol dome was covered in scaffolding. Say lah vee. We did go to the Brown vs Topeka Board of Education National Historic Site. It is in the school that Linda Brown attended. SONY DSC It seemed odd, that on the edge of the Great Plains, in this rather nice school, the case that transformed the South was initiated. There were other cases connected to Brown, but it was the decisive action. The Park official told us all about segregation; we didn’t mention how old we are or where we are from.SONY DSC

We ended the day seeing native stacked stone fences near Alma, Dwight Eisenhower’s statue and boyhood home in Abilene (the library was closed), and the sculptures on the streets of Salina.




Presidents Reagan, G. W. Bush, and Clinton were in Kansas when a tornado whisked them away to Oz. After many adventures they stood before the Wizard to make their requests. Reagan said, “I really need a heart.” Bush thought for a minute and said, “I need a brain.” Clinton looked up and asked, “Where’s Dorothy?” That’s my Kansas joke.


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