Headed West Day 1 Part 2

3 Jun

When we left Calhoun there was a little rain. On Monteagle we seemed to be in the midst of a lightning storm. By Murfreesboro, the rain was done. Most of the rest of our 600 miles was boring Interstate.
We crossed the Mississippi from Illinois into Missouri, at Cape Girardeau and had lunch at Broussard’s Cajun Restaurant. Cajuns get around, and they all seem to be good cooks. We walked along the levee wall which is painted with scenes from Cape Girardeau’s history. That series of images merges into the Missouri Wall of Fame. I did not know that Jean Harlow was from Missouri. SONY DSC SONY DSC

The weather had been cooler in Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois, but there was much hot air in Cape Girardeau. As we were leaving town we happened upon Rush Limbaugh’s boyhood home. Mmm.SONY DSC
Both the Mississippi and the Missouri are in early flood stage – a contrast from last year.
The area around Cape Girardeau to the area west of St. Louis was visited by many famous people and groups.SONY DSC We crossed paths with Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark, the Trail of Tears and Lincoln and Douglas, debating in southern Illinois. We visited Daniel Boone’s grave near Marthasville, Missouri, only to discover that he has a second grave in Frankfort, Kentucky. SONY DSCI’ve been to both of Cherokee Chief Pathkiller’s graves, seen both of Stonewall Jackson’s (most of his body is in Lexington, VA but his arm is buried behind the Visitor’s Center at Chancellorsville), and I’ve been to all three of Robert Johnson’s graves, but now I have to go to Frankfort to see both of Daniel’s. I think that visiting multiple graves for one person is a potential hobby. (I’m considering having some of my ashes buried in 15 or 20 different places with a marker at each. Maybe I can get in the Guinness Book of World Records and become a challenge for tourists.)
Finally, last year some people made much of the fact that Lee and I sought out and photographed a statue of Popeye. Well, this year we found Beetle Bailey.


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