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Lee’s Retirement and the Next Grand Adventure.

25 May

(Lee is the guest writer today)
Yesterday I completed 30 school years as Director of First Methodist Preschool. I celebrated my retirement with a trip to Hannah’s Nail Salon – wouldn’t you? There is a reception for me after church tomorrow, then Bob and I start getting ready for a new Grand Adventure, this time without hundreds of pounds of Cash Bar in the back of the van. We are headed for Denver, Rocky Mountain NP, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and the sights of South Dakota. There will of course be detours to folk art environments and artists, and sites recommended by Roadside America. We’ll aim for daily entries, but we all know that might be a bit more than we can handle. Feel free to post comments – we like to hear from you. This post is a warm-up for the trip, since we couldn’t remember exactly how to do it – senior moment!
My staff at Preschool gave me a gorgeous quilt as a retirement gift. Laurie Kersey made it and each teacher wrote on a square. Here’s a picture of all of us with it:
I’m looking forward to more time to travel, to work on The Ridge Books, and of course more time with Clara.