Day 19

15 Jun

We drove to Tupelo today. Our plan had been to spend some time in Clarksdale and Oxford, maybe eat an early dinner at Taylor Grocery. Unfortunately, something I ate yesterday left me feeling bad, and we did not do much. We slept late and drove on two-lane roads.

In Clarksdale, we stopped by Cathead Music and Folk Art. They have a tribute to Mr. Tater the Music Maker outside the store – a folk art portrait, a photo, a brief story on a plaque, and Mr. Tater’s guitar. Several years ago I sat on the bench under Mr. Tater’s memorial portrait and listened to him play and sing. Ken Sproull sat on Mr. Tater’s bike. Mr. Tater was unique.

In Oxford we went to Square Books and walked around the square. Lee saw Faulkner sitting on a bench and sat down with him. At the start of our trip, I sat on a bench with Ben Franklin. Lee’s portrait with Bill makes a set of bookends. We took a photo of the Courthouse and Confederate Monument in front of it and thought about the description of the square in the last lines of The Sound and the Fury, in which Luster tries to drive the idiot, Benjy, the wrong way at the monument. Benjy begins to scream hysterically; he can go in one direction only. We also visited Faulkner’s grave; the Book Club is always on our minds.

Tomorrow night we hope to be in Calhoun, Georgia.


One Response to “Day 19”

  1. Janice June 15, 2012 at 11:39 pm #

    Have enjoyed the blog so much; y’all have made the most of your trip and I’m glad you could share the details with us as you proceeded (thinking of Lewis and Clark’s mantra—“we proceeded on”) to the Pacific and back. If you are like Kathy and me, you will require some time resting and recuperating once you get home.
    See you soon.

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