Day 12

7 Jun

LA is a big place with lots of people, cars and stuff. We (Lee) drove to the company in downtown Hollywood where Gardner works. We passed Nickelodeon Studios, Warner Brothers, NBC and the Hollywood Bowl. As Gomer says, “Go-ah-lee.”

Gardner took us to the Hollywood Museum which had a special exhibit on Marilyn Monroe. Lots of photos and documents, including the famous nudes that appeared in Playboy. I was drawn to the original cell of Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs. Great stuff. Ms. Sproull, you should have been there. Clarice’s chair sat outside the cell. You could almost hear Lector whisper, “Clarice, Clarice,” or maybe “Kathryn, Kathryn.”

At the museum there were two well-dressed elderly ladies in wheel chairs pushed by equally fashionable younger women. These did not look like tourists (we’re pretty easy to spot.) We wondered if they were famous, but were hesitant to ask. Probably the closest we’ll get to a celebrity is shown below.

We ate next door at Mel’s Diner. One of Mel’s locations was in American Graffiti, and Guy Fiere had been here. It was tasty but hardly worth a 2000 mile drive.

Saw the Hollywood sign at a distance. Tomorrow Lee and I plan to do the tourist bus tour of LA, so we should have better pictures.


One Response to “Day 12”

  1. Craig June 8, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

    Didn’t realize Marilyn was that tall. :>)

    So where are the nude pictures????

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