Day 10

5 Jun

Lee is the guest blogger today.

Today we declared a (mostly) day of rest in Springdale. It was much cooler that Monday, so we took the shuttle to a viewpoint where condors have been occasionally spotted. Alas, we spotted not a one, but we did try to take a picture of a canyon wren who refused to sit still. We enjoyed a 1/2 mile stroll to Zion Lodge in the company of a California State Trooper named Jim, who was contemplating retirement when he turns 50 this year. It seems being a trooper is a fairly dangerous profession. Bob and another gentlemen we shared a table with at lunch highly recommended retirement.

Trooper Jim

The Court of the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jacob is partly hidden by Mount Moroni, but it’s a great photo op. It was so windy today the we chased our baseball caps down the trail. We have purchased a total of 6 caps so far and match them to our outfits. Cute, huh?

Continuing our condor search we drove far, far up Kolob Terrace Rd., another likely area, and one less frequented by tourists, but again, no luck. Sorry, Jastram! I’m getting better at driving in these roads with scary drop offs.

Heading up Kolob Terrace Road

Supper was buffalo burgers from Blondie’s Diner, then we started lugging everything but the kitchen sink down those killer stairs. Tomorrow we take on LA.


One Response to “Day 10”

  1. Gail Satterfield June 7, 2012 at 7:48 pm #

    Lee, your personal shopping advisor approves of the coordinating cap with your outfit. Enjoying your blog. Tell Gardner I said Hi.

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