Day 8

3 Jun

Today was a relatively short trip from Bryce Canyon NP to Zion NP. Still on Highway 12 we passed through Red Canyon, which some people prefer to Bryce. The name certainly says it all. It’s part of the Dixie National Forest -we wondered about that name. The picture below is of the hoodoos towering above the Visitors’ Center.

Red Canyon Hoodoos

We are staying three days at Springdale, a town on the edge of Zion. We thought Springdale was at the entrance to the Park, but we had to drive about fifteen miles through the Park before we came to Springdale.

I’ve mentioned before that Lee is a bit acrophobic and I usually drive the narrow roads besides steep canyons. She was driving today. The road was very narrow with many precipitous drops. She held up. Pictures follow.

I never saw anything like Zion. The Mormons who first came here named it because it seemed like Heaven to them. My question is how did they get here? My guess is that they came in from the other side on the Interstate.

One side light. We were taking photos of unbelievable mountains at a roadside pullout, when a family walked behind our car. I heard a child’s voice, “Look, look! This one’s from Georgia! We haven’t seen a Georgia before!

Views from our balcony in Springdale:


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